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The Massivo Cane Corso Family

Our Famiglia

Breeding Cane Corso Responsibly Since 2017

Breeding dogs is a fascinating process that has evolved over centuries through the passion and dedication of individuals like Andres and Patty. It all began with Andres and his love for large breed dogs, specifically Rottweilers.

Our Story

The Lowentrauts

Andres was born and raised in Germany. His passion and experiences in owning show dogs in Europe was a great hobby for him.  At this time he was a well known chef which brought him live in many European countries, then Ecuador and later to the United States. Throughout his journey, Andres continued to have a deep affection for dogs and expanded his canine family to include American Bulldogs, Caucasian Shepherds, and more Rottweilers.


In 2017, Andres met Patty, a successful entrepreneur who also shared a love for dogs. When Patty's beloved pug, Gucci, passed away, she expressed her fondness for cane corso dogs to Andres. Inspired by Patty's enthusiasm and Andres's experience with large breeds, they decided to venture into this magnificent breed.


Their quest for the perfect dogs led them to research and reach out to numerous breeders. After diligent searching, they found a reputable breeder in Spain and wasted no time in arranging a trip to meet them. This resulted in the acquisition of their first two cane corso dogs. Eager to expand they decided on a breeding program, Andres and Patty later acquired four more dogs from the same Spanish breeder.


Today, Andres and Patty own a sprawling 26-acre ranch where their dogs live a happy and fulfilling life. The dogs enjoy plentiful exercise, engaging activities, and interaction with one another, fostering a harmonious and social environment. Their diet is carefully curated, consisting of a mix of home-cooked vegetables, proteins, and fruits, as well as a raw food diet.


With their focus on producing the best of the best in terms of temperament, Andres and Patty strive to create dogs that embody exceptional qualities. They are dedicated to providing the utmost care and attention to their dogs, ensuring they have a high quality of life.


If you have any specific questions about dog breeding, the care of cane corsos, or anything else related to dogs, please feel free to ask.

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