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Reserve our Puppies

*We are currently updating your online experience at the moment.

If you would like to reserve a puppy from our current or upcoming litters please use the form below or contact us via email, phone or text for more information about pricing & deposits.

NON-BREEDING AGREEMENT. The Buyer agrees that this puppy is being sold as a family companion, not for breeding purposes. Rescinding the Non-breeding Agreement requires the consent of both the Seller and the Buyer. If this puppy is bred and/or produces a litter(s) the Buyer is responsible to the Seller for breach of this contract and agrees to pay damages to the Seller. If the Seller sees i.e., social media, newspaper, website, marketplace, or any other selling platforms and/or hears that the Buyer is breeding and/or selling litter(s) of any monetary amount, the Seller will file a lawsuit against the Buyer for financial damages. Buyer agrees that if the ownership of this puppy is transferred by the Buyer that the Non-breeding Agreement contract remains in effect.

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